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Nebraska Academy of Sciences

We believe science is essential for all Nebraskans 

Welcome to NAS

Nebraska Academy of Sciences Board 

Are you interested in joining the NAS Executive Committee? 

Open board position application. Completed applications should be returned to the NAS office by mail or email

 Position Term  Name 
 President*  2022-2023  Julie Shaffer 
 President-Elect*  2022-2023
 Annemarie Shibata
 Treasurer*  2021-2023  Allison Bailey 
 Secretary*  2022-2024  Ann Buchmann
 Counselor*  2021-2023  Sally Harms
 Counselor*  2022-2024  David Harwood
 NATS President  2021-2022  Christine Gustafson 
 NJAS President    Randall Lienemann 
 AAAS/NAAS Rep    Marc Bathke

Ex-officio appointees:

 NE DOE Rep    Audrey Webb
 UN State Museum Rep    Susan Weller

Support Staff:
 Pie Grant Manager     Michelle Lopez 
 Science and Outreach Coordinator    Kimberly Carroll Steward

Long Range Planning Committee:

   2022-2024  Dena Harshbarger

Marty Hulce
Dan Sitzman
 Editors-NAS Transactions:    
     Karen Murch-Schafer
     Mark Schoenbeck 

*Executive Committee member 

Click HERE to view a detailed history of NAS and a list of Past Presidents

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