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Nebraska College and Career Ready Standards for Science (NCCRS-S) Resources

In 2018, Nebraska adopted new Framework-inspired standards for science called "Nebraska College and Career Ready Standards for Science" (NCCRS-S).  These standards are based on the "Framework for K-12 Science Education" (link in resources) which was also the foundation for NGSS standards adopted by many states.

The Framework, and NGSS, is changing the way we teach science.  However, it can be tricky for those who haven't spent much time studying it.  NATS is here to help answer your questions and provide examples for you.

Articles will come out approximately once per week during the school year.  However, if you have questions, feel free to contact the authors.

NATS members are encouraged to submit NGSS-related articles for inclusion.

Note: Both Nebraska's standards and NGSS are based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education.  While Nebraska's standards are NOT NGSS, they do share many similarities.  NGSS has been around since 2013 and many resources have been developed around them.  This page reflects that reality and provides information to NGSS which can also be applied to Nebraska's new science standards.

NATS SUPPORTS Nebraska's College and Career Ready Standards!

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NDE Resources

NGSS Resources by NATS

PLN Presentation on Phenomena (3/27/2017)

What is NGSS and why should I care?  

Framework-inspired standards are coming to Nebraska in 2017.  This article explores the background behind NGSS and Nebraska's efforts to create new standards.  (4/23/2017)

The Parts of NGSS

The performance expectations in NGSS are broken down into DCI, SEP, and CCC.  This article explains what all of these terms mean and how they relate to one another.  (4/30/2017) 

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