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Annual Spring Meeting

2019 NAS Annual Spring Meeting- April 12, 2019 at Nebraska Wesleyan University

Pre-registration is now closed. Visit the on-site registration desk on April 12, 2019, to attend. 

PLEASE NOTE the weather/cancellation policy for all events: The cancellation deadline for this event was April 3, 2019. Your registration fee will be refunded or waived ONLY if an event is cancelled due to inclement weather. Otherwise, the original cancellation date remains in effect for all events.

2019 Section Chairs 

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Nebraska Wesleyan University Map  2019 Parking Pass

     February 15, 2019 - Abstracts, presenter registration forms, and payment are due
     February 26, 2019 - Section Chairpersons send program pages and timeline to NAS
     March,  2019 - Executive Committee Ballots sent to NAS/NATS membership
     April 3, 2019 - Pre-Registration Closes; Registration fees increase $20
     April 11, 2019 - Nebraska Junior Academy of Sciences State Competition
     April 12, 2019 - 129th NAS Annual Meeting

A block of hotel rooms are available for your convenience at:
New Victorian Suites
225 N 50th St, Lincoln, NE
Cost: $69.99 - $79.99 per night

Workshop Opportunity Open to All Spring Meeting Attendees! 

Teaching and Learning the Dynamics of Cellular Respiration Using Interactive Computer Simulations: An Introduction for Instructors

April 12, 2019, beginning at 8:00 am

In this workshop you will:

Experience how students can learn biology in a hands-on, simulation and modeling fashion as exemplified using a lesson about Cellular Respiration;

Learn how to build and simulate a model in Cell Collective;

Identify topics and courses in which simulation and modeling lessons can be applicable to you and  deployed within the next few semesters;

Connect with our team that will assist you with deployment, student questions, and technical.

CLICK HERE to learn more! 

2019 Maiben Lecturer

Dr. David Swanson, PhD 

David R. Swanson received his BS degree in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1987 and obtained a Ph.D. in computational chemistry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1995. He then served as an NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellow in theoretical chemistry at the Technical University of Wroclaw (Poland), and an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC.  He has studied and simulated organic monolayers and energetic materials but has focused primarily on advanced distributed computing in several collaborative projects since returning to UNL in 1999. 

David has been the Director of the Holland Computing Center (HCC) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) for the last 10 years, where he is a Research Professor in Computer Science and Engineering. As Director of HCC he oversees staff and resources that currently serve over 1000 researchers from across the four campuses of the University of Nebraska (NU) system and the state of Nebraska. UNL was awarded a U.S. CMS Tier2 site 15 years ago which led to an ongoing close connection with the Open Science Grid (OSG), a national consortium for distributed data intensive computational science. Swanson currently serves as Chair of the OSG Council and manages the HCC Virtual Organization for NU campus researchers; HCC campus resources have been opportunistically shared with OSG researchers for several years.  

This talk will summarize the changes in computational science over the last 20 years from the vantage point of a collaborating campus resource provider.  A statewide computational coalition will be proposed, and HCC’s role in some of the most exciting science of our time will be recounted.

2019 Timeline

CLICK HERE to view the complete 2019 Program of Events

FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019

 7:30 a.m.       REGISTRATION OPENS - Lobby of Lecture Wing, Olin Hall


   8:00              Aeronautics and Space Science, Session A – Acklie 109

                        Aeronautics and Space Science, Session B – Acklie 111

                        Collegiate Academy; Biology, Session B - Olin B

                        Biological and Medical Sciences, Session A - Olin 112

                        Biological and Medical Sciences, Session B - Smith Callen Conference Center

                        Chemistry and Physics; Chemistry - Olin A

   8:00              “Teaching and Learning the Dynamics of Cellular Respiration Using Interactive Computer Simulations” Workshop – Olin 110

   9:30              “Life After College: Building Your Resume for the Future” Workshop – Acklie 218

   8:25              Collegiate Academy; Chemistry and Physics, Session A – Acklie 007

   8:36               Collegiate Academy; Biology, Session A - Olin 111

   9:00              Chemistry and Physics; Physics – Acklie 320

   9:10              Aeronautics and Space Science, Poster Session – Acklie 109 & 111

 10:30              Aeronautics and Space Science, Poster Session – Acklie 109 & 111

11:00               MAIBEN MEMORIAL LECTURE: Dr David Swanson - OLIN B

                        Scholarship and Friend of Science Award announcements


12:00 p.m.        LUNCH – WESLEYAN CAFETERIA 

                        Round-Table Discussion – “Assessing the Academy: Current Issues and Avenues for Growth” led by Todd Young – Sunflower Room

12:50               Anthropology – Acklie 109

 1:00                Applied Science and Technology - Olin 111

                        Biological and Medical Sciences, Session C - Olin 112

                        Biological and Medical Sciences, Session D - Smith Callen Conference Center

                        Chemistry and Physics; Chemistry - Olin A

                         Collegiate Academy; Biology, Session B - Olin B

                        Earth Science – Acklie 007

                        Environmental Sciences – Acklie 111

                        Teaching of Science and Math – Acklie 218

  1:20               Chemistry and Physics; Physics – Acklie 320    

  4:30               BUSINESS MEETING - OLIN B


NAS Friend of Science Award

The Friend of Science award is given annually at the Annual Spring Meeting. Past Friend of Science honorees can be found HERE

2019 Honorees

Julie Thomas

Julie Thomas currently serves as the Interim Dean for Research in the College of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Beginning with her elementary teaching experiences in rural and urban Nebraska classrooms (14 years), Thomas recognized children’s science enthusiasm and decided to pursue a doctoral degree in science education. Now, as a university professor (24 years), Thomas enjoys research and teaching related to elementary science education.  She has led numerous funded projects and published research focused on children’s science learning and teacher professional development.  Proud accomplishments include collaborative efforts – such as No Duck Left Behind, a partnership with waterfowl biologists to promote wetland education efforts, and Engineering is Everywhere (E2), a partnership with a materials engineer to develop a time-efficient model for STEM career education. 

Throughout her teaching career, Thomas has been actively involved in national and international professional associations such as the School Science and Mathematics Association (SSMA-Past Executive Director), National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA-Awards and Nominations Committees), the Council for Elementary Children International (CESI-Past President).  In Nebraska, Thomas has been a long-time member of the Nebraska Association of Science Teachers (NATS) having served on the board from 1991-92 and continuing as a NATS conference presenter.  Thomas continues her science education leadership as the NJAS Director of the Southeast Regional Science Fair.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).  His appointment is shared by an academic department where his duties focus on instruction and an educational center where he works on curriculum development, outreach, teacher training, and technology support. 

He oversees the Astronomy Education at the University of Nebraska web site at which houses computer simulations, a library of dynamic peer instruction questions, a suite of interactive ranking and sorting tasks, and a growing library of astronomy demonstration videos available on YouTube.  The simulations have been used globally by astronomy faculty for more than 10 years.  This work was largely responsible for Kevin winning the AAPT’s Halliday and Resnick Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching in 2012.

Kevin has organized an annual workshop in astronomy education each fall for over 15 years.  This workshop has been held jointly with the fall meeting of the Nebraska Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers.  He recently has returned to UNL after a three-year stint as a rotating program officer in the National Science Foundation’s Division of Undergraduate Education. 

Calendar of Events

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